Infographic: UK Spending on Mother’s Day

March 24, 2017

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In the UK, Mother’s day is exactly three weeks before Easter Sunday and five weeks after Valentine’s Day meaning brands have a very short space of time to roll out new and effective marketing campaigns for Mother’s Day.

But the short time period does not appear to have a drastic effect on spending in the UK.

It seems the nature of the celebration between mothers and the maternal bond with their children is just far too strong.

In 2015, it was estimated that Brits spent over half a billion on gifts for Mother’s Day and in 2016 Mother’s Day spending equalled that of Easter.

In general, Londoners and men spend more on their Mothers, and Mother’s Day knocks Father’s Day spending out of the park (Sorry Dads).

But, it’s not just flowers and chocolates that we’re treating our mums to these days. We have seen a huge increase in popularity for personalised gifts in the last few years.

Shoppers are in a bid to make their gifts stand out among the rest.

First with cards from Moonpig and boutique gifts from Not on The High Street, and now towards personalised food and drink products like Biscuiteers, Coca-Cola, Nutella and Marmite.

There has been a huge rise of this trend in recent years, and with an expected £1billion being spent on personalised gifts in the UK back in 2015, we can only wonder how this year’s Mother’s Day will contribute to the 2017 personalised gift spend.

This infographic is a round up of Mintel’s 2015 study into UK spending on Mother’s Day.


Spending on Mother's Day

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