What is display advertising?

Display advertising places banner ads – text, video or audio – on websites to promote a brand.

Our approach

At Harvest Digital, we’re highly selective about the sites we advertise with in order to attract, not annoy, potential customers. Before placing an ad, we use demographic and interest data to judge consumers’ propensity to engage with an ad and eventually buy your product or service.

We’re then able to guide prospects on their journey. We might serve a straightforward brand ad to someone interested in buying a car, for example. If they click through to the site and spend time viewing a particular model, we’ll show them an ad about that next. Say they return for another look, and also visit the finance offer, we’ll direct them there the time after.

This is called sequential messaging and helps prevent irrelevant content. We can also take a dynamic approach, modifying ads depending on set variables, such as geo-proximity and weather, so it becomes even more engaging.

Why is display advertising successful?

Google and Facebook lead the digital advertising market, but they limit access to important inventory and data sources beyond their walled gardens. You can’t run a cross-channel campaign from either platform. That’s why display is so important. It provides access to a world outside that is equally powerful, setting your company in a variety of contexts to reach higher volumes of people.

Display works in unison with paid search and paid social to create multiple touch-points within the customer journey, whether before, during, or after they buy something from you. The uplift in performance can be dramatic, as this case study shows.