What is UX?

Users are constantly judging brands based on their experience both offline and online.  UX or ‘user experience’ is the creation of optimal experiences and environments for users to engage with your brand online.  This online experience must be tailored to match target audiences with the objective of achieving specific behaviours in-line with both brand and commercial objectives.

When discussing UX, we should also consider CRO (Conversion Rate Optimisation). CRO inherently has a focus towards conversions on a website. Understanding how users navigate your website and acknowledging any deficiencies that are preventing conversions will provide the initial stepping stones to an improved experience and performance. Together both enable users to complete tasks with minimal effort. This ultimately creates higher user satisfaction, accessibility and usability.

Our approach

Through our digital-focused customer research process, Harvest gains a deep understanding of your customers’ online needs. This will build on any customer segments or personas you may already have, to incorporate online needs, goals, motivations and those key triggers to encourage them to click through and convert.

Building on the insights and customer understanding identified during the research phase, we’ll address any issues with information architecture, create key personas and identify the best user journey for each. These individual user experiences will be supported by refreshed design and typography following an agile and lean process.

Why is UX and CRO necessary?

Adopting a UX and CRO approach to website development and optimisation will help create online experiences tailored to different consumer groups that may engage with your brand online. It will create efficient journeys which combined with the correct content will maximise conversions.