What is website development?

Website development involves researching, designing, building, and maintaining a website.

How are custom websites better than templates?

A pre-made template is quick to implement, but you can get stuck within its parameters, unable to make specific changes to the design and functionality as you go along. You therefore run the risk that your website will become increasingly less effective. There’s a higher chance it will look like someone else’s, too.

At Harvest Digital, we deliver custom websites. We carry out research to create a design that is unique to you and your business needs. We test how users interact with the basic functions of the site as the build takes place, while also making sure it’s easy for your team to use and update on a regular basis. We consult our User Experience (UX) designers and SEO experts throughout to ensure that it’s fast loading, mobile responsive, and search-engine friendly.

We always future proof our websites by building them in a way that means they can adjust to new devices, technologies and standards over time.

Why consider a website redesign?

A website represents a brand online, much like a high street shop. It acts as the hub of all your digital marketing efforts. If it’s messy, missing stock, and the service is slow, customers are unlikely to come back. If it’s clean, well-optimised, and easy to navigate, you are like to see higher levels of new and repeat business.