What is PPC?

PPC or pay-per-click is a form of advertising where your adverts appear in search engine results and you pay the engine for every click that goes through to your site.

At the core of PPC are keywords (search terms) and ads, but in addition to this, there are landing pages, ad extensions and bids to consider as well as different types of keywords (broad, exact and phrase) and even negative keywords. To create successful campaigns then all of these areas must be looked at individually and fine-tuned to the needs of the business. It requires great skill and dedication to make the account payout consistently for a long period of time.

The benefits of PPC

We think that PPC is a fantastic addition to any marketer’s toolbox and the benefits that it can generate are massive! Here are a few of them:

You only pay when someone clicks

It sounds obvious, but this is probably the channel’s biggest strength. No money is wasted on advertising that never gets seen as you only pay when an interested party clicks to see your site.

You can reach your target at the right time and with the right ad

When potential customers use a search engine then they already have an idea of what they are after. With PPC you are able to capitalise on this by having a relevant ad at the top of the results page as soon as they have signalled their intent by making a search.

PPC is fast

Unlike SEO, paid search ads can appear on the first page of search results for a term in seconds. That instant nature enables quick decisions and quick results that just aren’t possible elsewhere.

It is easily scalable

Because every aspect of PPC is modifiable then we are able to make changes to bids or budgets and have increased or decreased output in no time. There is a fair amount of skill in doing it well, but the power is always in your hands.

Results are measurable

Everything in PPC is measurable. Impressions (views), clicks, click-through-rate, conversions, CPC and many, many more. With this level of granular transparency then you can quickly see what is getting the results you need.

The benefits don’t end there, but these are some of the key reasons to be utilising this channel. Nowhere else will you be able to combine speed, control and results as effectively for your business.

Why partner with an agency?

“If it is true that anyone with a bank account and internet access can set themselves up on Google or Bing Ads and be buying clicks within the day then why would you use an agency?”

Well, that’s simple. The reason you would hire a paid search specialist to do PPC is the same reason you would hire an artist to paint a portrait. Much like with art, where anyone can buy the tools to do a job, the range in output quality that you can get from a PPC campaign is huge. Here are a few more reasons:

Save time

PPC management requires a lot of time to run and is a serious commitment. Constant optimisations and updates to bids, keywords and ads are the only way to make it work so by leaving it to a professional then you can free up that time to focus on other areas.

Protect you from wasting money

It is very easy to waste money on PPC if you don’t know what you are doing. By handing over the reins to experts then you can be confident that every penny is being spent in as efficient a way possible.

Get results

Every client has different aims, so it is impossible for there to be a “one size fits all” solution. By working with a PPC Specialist then you can be confident that your exact goal is being worked towards in the best way possible.

Have experience

Agency teams have people who have seen it all before. No problem is a new one and no solution is unknown so there won’t be any nasty surprises that knock you off course. Plus, they know how to get results and have the track record to prove it.

Are up to date

The digital marketing industry is one of the fastest moving areas in the professional world, so you need somebody who is devoted to keeping on top of all of these advancements. If you don’t know about changes then you will be left behind and that’s not good for any business.

How can you get started?

If this sounds like something you would be interested in then we would love to hear from you. Just give us a call to speak to one of our qualified PPC experts and find out how you can get started.