Talk Remit: paid search performance

April 19, 2024



Paid search performance transformed by account restructure

TalkRemit are a leading money transfer service, allowing customers to send money in a secure and protected way to family and friends abroad.

During our onboarding process, it was clear a new campaign structure was necessary to capture consumer demand across the various markets in which TalkRemit operates.

An extensive account restructuring began, starting firstly with paid search channels and then with paid social. By adhering to the best practice of the ad platforms and the wealth of knowledge within the biddable team, a new structure was devised, which took the strengths of the powerful ad platform algorithms but still allowed for budget flexibility between markets.

What we did

  • Full account restructures on Paid Search, Performance Max and Paid Social
  • Conversion goals were evaluated to ensure algorithms focused more on key KPIs
  • Platform performance was evaluated to ensure budget was spent cost effectively

In just 3 months after taking on the client, we delivered outstanding results and performance consisting of:

  • A remarkable 1,081% surge in registrations
  • A substantial 53% boost in money transfers
  • A significant 77% reduction in Cost Per Reduction
  • A phenomenal 821% improvement in the Conversion Rate

These results highlight our dedication and commitment to providing tangible, exceptional, and measurable results to our clients.

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