What is e-commerce?

E-commerce refers to anything bought or sold online.

It is a critical part of any modern business, but it rarely stands still. Products can be sold through a growing number of channels – from your website to social and third-party platforms like Amazon. Meanwhile, disruptive models like subscription-based marketing and direct-to-consumer advertising are putting pressure on companies to rapidly develop new tools and applications just to keep up.

Our approach

At Harvest Digital we create e-commerce strategies that master uncertainty.

We get to know your customers – who they are, where to find them, what makes them tick – using sophisticated real-time data. This allows us to create detailed buyer personas that reflect real customers with all their various needs and concerns.

We ensure your products are found above your competitors with optimised titles, descriptions, and images. And we track user habits with intelligently placed tags, so you can identify where products are added or taken out of a basket, and how to re-engage to encourage conversion.

Why is an e-commerce strategy necessary?

As the line between digital and physical worlds becomes increasingly blurred, an e-commerce strategy gives you up to date knowledge of how your customers shop. By understanding them, and then finding and appealing to them, we can focus our activity on meeting your objectives – whether that’s acquiring new customers or boosting repeat purchases.