SEO Expertise

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is part of the DNA of our agency. As changes to the online search landscape have evolved, so too have we. We keep our fingers to the pulse of the latest SEO industry trends and employ the best ‘white hat’ techniques for our clients, ensuring long-term success & organic proficiency. Read on to discover more on how Harvest Digital is a leading SEO agency in terms of SEO strategy and management for our clients.

For those who are still new to the concept, search engine optimisation is the process of boosting up your business’s website presence in search engines, likely to be Google or Bing for those in the UK. SEO is now crucial to a brand’s success and when nurtured properly, it can bring great benefits in the long-term for the organisation. Working with PPC, content, paid social and other channels, organic search (another term for SEO) is a vital part of a brand’s marketing activities and can bring sustainable growth for the business. We always approach each brand with a bespoke SEO strategy because we know all brands are different in some way.


Organic Research

In order to deliver the best in class SEO strategy, we as an SEO agency take time to immerse ourselves in your brand, understanding your audience, your business, tapping into social conversation and analysing your competitors. Our research allows us to create a data-led SEO strategy aimed at hitting each of your business objectives. We align both SEO & PPC keywords to ensure we drive efficiency and growth effectively.


Technical SEO Specialists

The nerdy bit. One of the pillars of SEO success, technical SEO is crucial for your website’s performance and, when neglected, can mean you never reach your true potential online as a brand. Our in-house team of technical SEO specialists get under the skin of your website and ensure that it is aligned to best technical SEO practices. We can work independently or with your developers to improve your site architecture, amend broken or missing elements and bring the site in line with the latest technology to significantly improve your search visibility.

We live and breathe technical as an SEO agency, regularly performing technical audits, website migrations, comprehensive internal linking strategies and much more. The technical side of SEO work for a website is the foundation for all future success, and we always approach this section first because of this fact.


Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)

From analysing user journeys to optimising landing pages for maximum conversion performance, we ensure your site is set up perfectly to enhance user experience and drive conversions. Our team tests different on-page copy, creatives, user pathways and call-to-actions so you can make informed decisions and change browsers into loyal customers.

User experience (UX) is also an increasing influence of SEO, with search engines growing in sophistication and using user behaviour statistics to judge the performance of a website. In this way, we treat UX as a core area of SEO and ensure all on-page SEO work has this in mind. Any SEO agency worth their salt knows that simply optimising your meta data and adding the keywords into the body content isn’t enough. Making sure that the user is finding exactly what they want on the site, enjoying the content and engaging with the site as a whole is the future of SEO.


Harnassing the Power of Content

More so than King, content is the Kingdom we all live in. Arguably the most vital part of any SEO strategy, our content strategies are targeted directly at your audience. We dedicate time to understanding both the intent of the user by analysing keyword performance and match those with audience interests. This allows us to produce content-led campaigns which drive search visibility and resonates with the targeted audience.


Content Amplification

Creating great content is only half the task. Content amplification is vital to ensure success. By combining our in-house outreach and PR expertise we identify influencers, bloggers and relevant media to drive link acquisition and secure your authority in the market.

Producing engaging content is also essential for link-building, another crucial pillar for a website’s SEO performance. Building links to one’s website boosts up authority, and so there’s no room for negligence of this element when creating your SEO strategy.


Analytics & Reporting

Data is the foundation of any digital strategy and our data insights team constantly monitor both site and organic search performance. These insights are used to fuel our future strategy and are collated to give you useful and actionable reports each month.

For monitoring SEO performance, we use a suite of tools that combine to give us the best insights into your website’s organic performance. Tools such as Screaming Frog, SEM Rush, Ahrefs, Google Search Console (alongside others) are used regularly by all members of the SEO team. Each tool brings something different to the table, and so using a host of these means SEO agencies have different perspectives to understand the elusive search landscape.