The Power of Yahoo Gemini

January 13, 2016

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Yahoo Gemini is the only platform in the marketplace that combines mobile search and native advertising. Whilst Google and Bing continue to dominate the search marketplace, Gemini’s focus on creativity makes it a powerful and unique platform to use and reach customers.

What is Yahoo Gemini?

Launched in February 2014, Yahoo Gemini brings together mobile search and native advertising. In simpler terms, adverts on Yahoo Gemini will appear on Yahoo, Yahoo search and partner sites (including Tumblr) on desktop, smartphone and tablet devices. Ads will appear where users check the latest headlines, read emails and carry out searches. Although visibly marked as sponsored, native adverts appear like other content on the Yahoo homepage. This means the advert appears in a seamless and disguised manner, potentially increasing engagement from users. It has proved a worthy platform since its launch, due to its many benefits.

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What are the benefits of using Yahoo Gemini?

  • Utilises Native Advertising – The main idea behind buying both native and search ads is to gain a greater audience reach. Native ads match the form and function of the platform on which it appears and ensures it is contextually relevant to users, including the use of images, and more recently videos. This type of advertising has proved immensely popular since the launch of Yahoo Gemini with audiences and advertisers, having a powerful influence on audiences. Navigating Native estimates that native mobile ads deliver 6x more conversions than traditional banner ads in a brand campaign. If the ad matches the platform it is likely to get a higher CTR (click-through rate), as users want to read more about what the advertiser is offering, driving more conversions or increasing brand awareness. Examples currently on Yahoo focus on making adverts appear as snippets of an article to encourage clicks.
  • Mobile Friendly – Since it’s launch, one of Gemini’s main focuses is being mobile friendly, specifically focusing on mobile search. Mobile is continuing to grow in the world of search; The Verge recently reported on how more than half of Google searches now happen on mobile devices, demonstrating the power mobile has. This is expected to grow even further and Gemini’s seamless use of mobile exploits this, allowing you to target audiences on the move.
  • Focus on Targeting – Yahoo Gemini allows advertisers to target a very specific audience. You can define audiences by location (and exclude certain locations), language, age, gender and interest. Interests are split into categories such as ‘Health & Fitness’ and ‘Arts & Entertainment’. In September 2015, Yahoo offered the ability for advertisers to use first-party data (such as mobile device IDs) to create a custom audience – ideal for remarketing. This means that you can reach a very specific audience, who are likely to convert, in line with your advertising goals.
  • Cheaper CPCs & Growing CTR – Currently Gemini has much lower CPCs than other search advertising platforms. For instance, the average CPC for a ‘Financial Services & Insurance’ advertiser is £0.14, lower than it was in July 2015. However, in most verticals, CPCs have increased over time, yet CTR has improved significantly. For instance, Retail CTR has grown from 0.42% in July 2015 to 0.86% in December 2015. Spend will ultimately be lower on Gemini compared to other search advertising platforms, whilst still reaching a wide audience.
    Table source: Yahoo!

    Table source: Yahoo!

  • Easily Track Conversions & Manage Campaigns – You can easily track conversions using Yahoo Gemini to gain a better insight into the number of times people have converted on your website. This is an excellent way of measuring the effectiveness of your campaigns. Yahoo Gemini is now supported by 3rd party tracking solutions, like Marin Software, streamlining performance monitoring of Yahoo Gemini via these platforms too. Earlier this month, Yahoo Gemini launched the Google AdWords Import Tool that allows you to easily set up, edit and manage campaigns. This saves time setting up campaigns on Yahoo Gemini and keeps bids and bid management in place, as well as still relating to the goals which you want your marketing to achieve.
    With this in mind, it’s important to make the most of Yahoo Gemini by utilising its benefits and the powerful combination of mobile search and native advertising it offers.
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