Google Tag Manager launches with Harvest as certified partner

October 1, 2012

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Google Tag Manager is a brand new service from Google designed to take away the pain of managing multiple tracking tags on your company website. Here’s a nice video explaining how this free service from Google can Tag Manager plays nicely with Google and non-Google website tags. Key features include:

  • Asynchronous tag loading — so your tags can fire faster without slowing down the visible part of your web page
  • Easy-to-use tag templates, so marketers can quickly add tags with our web interface, as well as support for custom tags
  • Error-prevention tools like Preview mode (so you can see proposed changes before implementing them), the Debug Console, and Version History to ensure that new tags won’t break your site
  • User permissions and multi-account functionality to make it easy for large teams and agencies and clients to work together with appropriate levels of access

Harvest Digital is one of a small handful of UK agencies to be Google Certified Partners for Google Tag Manager – if you want to find out more, please drop us an email at

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