Brands and St. Patrick’s Day marketing success

March 17, 2017

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If you hadn’t already noticed that today has a particular tint of green about it, it’s St. Patrick’s Day. A worldwide celebration of Ireland’s patron saint, and lucky for us Londoners, a particularly sunny Friday.

Out of 33 million Irish-Americans, 56.1% are planning on celebrating St. Patrick’s Day in the US, making it the fourth biggest US drinking day behind NYE, Christmas and Fourth of July. Spending is also at an all-time high this year with $5.3B expected to be spent in the US.

With so much potential spend no wonder some lucky brands have charmed their way to a pot-of-gold at the end of their marketing rainbow.

So in honour of the holiday, we’ve collected together some of the best successes brands have had from their St. Paddy’s Day marketing campaigns.


#1 Guinness

St. Patrick's Day Marketing

13M Pints of Guinness will be consumed worldwide today so there is no way we can’t include Guinness in this blog post. This amazing campaign links with their previous ads to encourage friends to get together and celebrate St. Patrick’s Day as ‘the friendliest day of the year’.

The brand produced an interactive infographic filled with different stats and figures about the product and worldwide celebrations on St. Patrick’s Day. Each stat was shareable on social and also included a competition to win a trip to Dublin. Guinness raised huge global brand awareness with their snazzy infographic, sparked social conversations and gained a vast amount of data on their consumers.

 #2 Jameson Limited Edition


Jameson has launched its 6th consecutive St. Patrick’s Day limited edition bottle which sees Jameson celebrate its Irish Heritage by collaborating with some of the finest Irish artists or illustrators.

It is a fantastic long running campaign that returns year-on-year as a way for Jameson’s to celebrate their brand history and heritage while also celebrating the culture of Ireland to bring people together and celebrate amazing moments. This campaign not only promotes great company and national culture, but also gives loyal Jameson’s customers the chance to collect beautifully crafted limited edition bottles!


#3 Jameson – #LongLiveTheShot


In 2015 Jameson launched a great social campaign, led by 360i, featuring 3D video ads on Facebook and Instagram. The ads encouraged people to raise a shot to the bartenders and anyone who celebrates St. Patrick’s Day.

The campaign was a brilliant way to encourage engagement on social as users were invited to share their St. Paddy’s Day experiences through a shot glass filled with Jameson whisky, paired with the hashtag #LongLiveTheShot. The social campaign saw a 20% business growth for 3 consecutive months and a 720% increase in e-commerce sales. Although this was a US centred campaign those results are certainly worth talking about.


#4 Tourism Ireland – Global Greening Campaign


The Global Greening Campaign continues to go from strength to strength as more iconic world landmarks are illuminated in green to celebrate Ireland and St. Patrick’s Day. When the campaign initially launched in 2010 just the Sydney Opera House and the Sky Tower in Auckland participated. Since then we have seen a host of different buildings in many countries take part and turn green to celebrate the national day.

The campaign has had huge global success, last year’s campaign featured 240 landmarks and sites in 45 countries including 7 World Trade Centre at Ground Zero, the Great Wall of China and the Nelson Mandela statue in Johannesburg. Today we will see London’s Heron Tower and One World Trade Center in New York alongside many other new landmarks. Want to see if your city is featured? Check out the full list of new landmarks here.



So there we have it. We hope you enjoyed our choice of the some of the best St. Patrick’s Day marketing campaigns. What are your thoughts on our choices, did we miss any? Let us know in the comments or at @HarvestDigital and finally Happy St. Patrick’s Day!



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