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Your alarm goes off at 8 am and you, still half asleep, reach for your phone to stop that god-awful sound. The first thing you do, of course, is to check all your notifications. Someone has tagged you in an event video saying that you cannot miss this. Your dad has shared an educational video […]
Post by wpengine

May 08, 2019


It is a well-known fact that Google is one of the most successful companies in the world. They have truly revolutionised life as we know it and many of us can’t imagine life without it. In 2018, Google’s revenue amounted to $136B, and so running a Grants program to help non-profit organisations seems like the […]
Post by Katy Alger

Apr 04, 2019


In this article we’ll get you to know the latest web server protocols that really matter today when it comes to speed. It’s absolutely mind-boggling what Google Teams have developed and see it adopted by the top 19 Alexa’s websites. This single connection protocol is called QUIC and it bypasses all TCP limitations that we […]
Post by Pierre Ogier

Dec 12, 2018


Research is a powerful tool. It’s often at the centre of any strategic marketing planning (or it should be!) and forms the backbone of many marketing campaigns. For example, when designing our hero content for clients, we look at the data. What does the data tell us to do? We have plenty of content marketing […]
Post by James Fisher

Jun 08, 2018


Content marketing is on the rise. Consumers are becoming ever more aware, and old-school tactics that used to work during the early days of the net are seeing a steady decline in effectiveness. Marketers have discovered that they need to offer something to the customer to get results. Thus, content marketing was born. But a […]
Post by James Fisher

Jun 04, 2018


A JavaScript-based website means that you need JavaScript code rendered/processed before serving thecontent to the web user and any User-Agent. Traditionally, Google was only looking at the raw text-based content that we’d get in the HTTP response body and was unable to interpret what a typical browser running JavaScript would see. When websites started becoming […]
Post by Pierre Ogier

May 15, 2018


We’re proud to announce that we have been shortlisted for the award as the Most Diverse and Inclusive Agency in the Global Bing Partner Awards. We came first runner-up in the award, and it’s no surprise that Bing has chosen to recognise two independent media agencies – especially after large conglomerate media agencies have been […]
Post by James Fisher

Apr 11, 2018


Google wants a faster web, and they’ll stop at nothing to get it. They’ve recently made announcement after announcement that shows that improving the page speed of the web is one of their top priorities. First, they’re making page speed a ranking factor. They also announced that they’re deploying a specialist team to accelerate the […]
Post by Pierre Ogier

Mar 05, 2018