Client: Sziget music and art festival

We utilised a multi-channel paid media strategy driving over 23,000 incremental ticket sales and exceeded our ROAS target by 4. Overall CPA was 56% below target.

The campaign was developed around an integrated channel strategy to build awareness and drive ticket sales. We combined hundreds of creative variants with a paid media strategy across social and paid search. Budget phasing was based on distance from the venue - so early in the year we focused on Ireland, the UK and Scandinavia, then weighted budgets progressively closer to Budapest.


To manage and deliver a paid digital campaign across Europe, with a goal to drive ticket sales and maximise profitability whilst ensuring the campaign was effective (CPA target of €25 and a ROAS target of 3). We were challenged with driving response and awareness of the festival but also needed to consider the urgency in driving ticket as ticket prices increase the closer it gets to the festival.


The solution was to deliver a campaign which would look at how our budget was split and phased in the lead up to the festival. We also addressed the audiences we were targeting and looked at audiences outside of what one might expect, such as; “Australians travelling in Europe”. With the focus on increasing awareness of Sziget Festival to then drive sales from the individuals who we had reached early in the campaign. The understanding of each market, their trends and uses of digital channels were key to the success of the campaign.


Sold over 23,000 incremental tickets to the festival across 26 different markets with activity uncovering demand in previously non-targeted regions such as Malta and Israel. Following a big push in the final month of activity this drove 3,800 tickets ROAS exceeded our target of 3 and hit 12, whilst CPA came in 56% below target and averaged €11 with some markets seeing exceptional performance. For instance, in France and Italy, we generated £70 of revenue from each £1 of media spend on paid search.


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