Client: SunLife

Product and market research allowed Harvest to devise a clear strategy and implement best practices from launch

Our approach was to launch with a campaign structure which facilitated hyper-focus on granular performance triggers


In early 2018, SunLife wanted to capitalise on the increasing market interest in Equity Release and establish their existing brand in this new space. In Summer 2018, SunLife brought us on board to determine whether our team could deliver a more profitable campaign for their available budget.


We implemented a campaign structure that enabled granular control over the distribution of spend and a clear view on performance. With this structure, we were able to carry out tightly controlled tests of various optimisation levers and get a deeper understanding of user behaviour. We quickly identified where we could tap into high-quality traffic and were able to focus budget here. We ran various split tests, putting our initial setup through its paces to ensure we were consistently evolving and adapting our strategy. In some instances, our champion reigned, however in others we revealed some great opportunities. We recommended landing page testing using a newly created long-form content page, tested against a slimmed-down conversion-oriented page. Whilst having less content on the page did impact Quality Score and CPCs, the split test led to such a significant uplift in conversion rate that it proved substantially more profitable to serve the stripped-back page. As with all our clients, our PPC strategies operate on a marginal gains approach, making small adjustments regularly to continuously improve results.


At the end of the first three months, we had improved Avg. CPC by 2.2%, and CTR by 28%. We came in 17% under our CPA target, and now, over 9 months in, we are achieving a CPA which is over 30% under our original target, significantly improving the profitability of the activity for the client.


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