Client: Fishpools

We used enhanced geo-based targeting to drive a 300% increase in ROAS and 24% increase in conversion

The paid media strategy was modified to increase the radius of targeting, opening the potential pool for consumer acquisition


Fishpools approached Harvest to understand why their current paid media approach (which was heavily based on micro-targeting high-converting postcodes) was not leading to month-on-month sales growth. The previous strategy was achieving efficiencies by only paying for those highest bidding positions. However, this eventually led to a limited reach and thus revenue as this strategy failed to consider the depletion of these small audiences over time and their regular movement into other areas, including central London, that wasn’t being targeted.


We began to challenge the hypotheses that restrictive geo-targeting was limiting growth by implementing a testing strategy to expand to full radius targeting with upweighted spend on high-performing postcodes.


Increasing radius targeting led to a 300% improvement in ROAS​, halved the CPCs, 24% increase in conversion​ and in 4 months delivered 2x revenue of the previous 7 months.


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