Client: Egencia

By using new ad formats, we cut Egencia's cost per lead in half

Having been approved for a beta ad format on LinkedIn, we drove cost effective leads at previously unseen CPLs


LinkedIn is able to reach high quality business professionals at scale with various targeting methods, lending itself to marketing activity for B2B clients such as Egencia. By running Sponsored Content activity for Egencia, we drove prospects to a dedicated landing page with the ultimate goal of gathering leads. Performance, however, was below expectations, with poor CVRs leading to CPLs above target.


We requested and were granted whitelisting for the beta ad format of Lead Gen Forms, which allow the advertiser to gather leads directly in the LinkedIn platform through a largely auto-populated form fill. We tested several lead form formats to ascertain what works best for our very niche audience. Through testing, we were able to increase high quality lead volumes and efficiencies for Egencia.


By using the new ad format, we managed to see a 144% increase in leads and a 204% increase in engagement rate, whilst also decreasing the cost-per-lead by 52%.


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