Display was an underexploited channel for Cruise, so we proved its ability to deliver cost efficient leads.

We utilised dynamic creatives for both prospecting and retargeting, which allowed us to convince Cruise to abandon their outdated one-size-fits-all creative.


Using a one-size-fits-all creative meant that the client was not driving the amount of leads they should have been from Display. By using dynamic creatives for both prospecting and retargeting, we drove leads at a more cost-efficient rate.


A dynamic format enabled us to run with 19 variations as opposed to just 2. Our creatives clicked through to bespoke landing pages, which in turn improved conversion rate and user experience. Once we identified what ads were resonating with the target audience, we created our best performing concept by essentially optimising our creative with behaviour data.


We saw a 62% increase in CTR and a 55% decrease in CPL after we switched from standard ads to dynamic ads. After optimising the dynamic ads we saw a further 152% increase in CTR. In total this campaign produced 1,148 new leads.


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