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We did the Vertical Rush!

It was a warm spring morning when six brave Harvesters set out to attempt the Vertical Rush – but did they really know what they were getting themselves in for?

That’s right – on Thursday the 8th of March, six poor souls set out to climb Tower 42, in the heart of the City of London, in order to raise money for Shelter, the nation’s leading charity that supports homeless people all across the country.

The Vertical Rush is a challenge designed to test your physical limits. The only way to head is upwards, as you ascend 600 feet above the City of London.

So these brave Harvesters set out to climb 42 floors in order to raise money for those who are living homeless all over the country.

Every day 120 families in England become homeless. This figure is astounding, and not in a good way. At Harvest, we take our CSR very seriously, and many in the office have strong feelings towards helping those who are less fortunate than ourselves.

We wanted to raise money for those who are sleeping rough, or for families who lose their homes due to no fault of their own. By conquering the tower of terror, we wanted to show that we are ready to do more than just give our money, we’re ready to physically be there for those that need us.

So a big well done to Darren Walters, Lesley Ducan, James Fisher, Jodi Armstrong, Mike Teasdale and Ileana Lund for their hard work!

In between all the swearing, we managed to capture some amazing footage with our Snapchat Spectacles – worn by the lovely James Fisher.

And their hard work paid off! After weeks of training, here’s where the Harvesters ranked overall.

If you feel like supporting them on their journey – head over to the donation page to show your support.


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