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As a full-service digital marketing agency, Harvest has developed a highly effective approach to managing organic search as part of an integrated digital marketing strategy. For instance: – Paid search is a quick way to test keyword performance before choosing which keywords to target with organic search. – Our conversion rate optimisation services can improve the efficiency of traffic going to organic search landing pages. – Integrated analytics and reporting lets you compare the performance of different channels making it easy to move budgets to where they can be most effective. – Tight integration with content strategy and social media helps us to develop organic search content that supports a multi-channel customer journey. This delivers great results for our clients and takes away the need to manage multiple specialist agencies. More importantly, this approach lets us focus on delivering a rich and rewarding user experience for your customers and prospects.

It’s not that simple

You come across a lot of people who make out that SEO is at heart pretty simple.

“It’s all about great content.”

“It’s all about links from authoritative websites.”

“It’s all about getting the technical architecture right.”

Sorry to disappoint, but SEO is actually really complex if you want to do it well. The factors above are all important, but search metrics lists out over 100 different areas of performance that they believe have a positive or negative influence on search listings. We develop a separate strategy for every client, looking at their current strengths, their business goals and the competitive marketplace. Then we create a roadmap across three key areas and steadily fix the areas that we believe will provide the most impact. We focus on three main areas:

1) Technical architecture Essentially we look at your website as a search engine spider would see it and make sure that there are no obstacles in the way of effective content indexing.

2) On-site content Simple changes to your site content can make big changes to SEO performance. Our approach is to focus on the user experience and to work with you to create excellent thematically relevant content to support the customer journey.

3) Off-site activity Links and mentions on other sites and on social media are important signals to Google about the quality of your content. We will check that your link profile looks natural and work with you to improve it.

International SEO

For many of our clients we work across Europe or in some cases globally. International SEO is a complicated subject but it boils down to the same core principles of making sure that we provide the most relevant content to customers wherever they are based.   This boils down to a trade off between what can be done centrally – for instance, creating a logical domain structure, setting best practices for technical SEO – and local implementation.   At a local level, as well as language issues we often see differences in search behaviour, differences in brand strength and of course in some parts of the world different search engines are dominant. If you’re interested in international SEO we’d be delighted to talk through some case studies of past projects in sectors like travel, retail and business to business.

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