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How Social Media and Content works at Harvest Digital

The Social Media and Content team at Harvest are a part of the wider SEO team. We work as one team to have a completely holistic approach to the onsite, offsite and social content that is created for our clients.
Harvest treats every client and campaign individually. We first define what is working well and what needs improvements. We believe in setting clear well defined targets, goals and KPIs before work begins. Not only does this allow us to see how successful the campaign has been, it also allows you to measure your ROI with greater ease. Harvest is a completely integrated agency and the Social and Content team take full advantage of the bright brains within the company. Along with being completed harmonised with the SEO team we work especially close with our creative team to help create engaging and affective content as well as the Data and Analytics team to ensure we are tracking the important aspects that really matter to you and your brand.

How we work

Our content and social strategies are defined by a number of different aspects:

Social Listening

What are the important topics on all social channels relating to your brand or product?

What are your market influencers talking about?

Google Analytics

What queries have led to people landing on your website? Was the content they were looking for on your site? Was it informative, of a good quality and optimised correctly? What are the opportunities to make it even better?

Competitor Analysis

Where are your competitors finding success and are there any gaps in the market that can be utilised by your brand?

Around the web

At Harvest we use multiple tools to ensure we know precisely what content performs well across the web for your target audience. We monitor the most engaged and shared content in your fields and ensure that you are creating excellent content around these content topics.

Native Advertising

Content Amplification has become an essential part of content marketing. It is predicted that at the end of 2015 79% of brands will be using Native advertising. Native is good for increasing; traffic to your site, brand awareness and engagement. At Harvest we maintain a good relationship with a number of Native platforms. We test a number of platforms during a campaign to ensure we are getting the best quality traffic for your campaign.

Why social and content is important

Content is absolutely critical to achieve long term positive SEO results. In the last couple of years there has been a huge shift in what is valued in SEO. Content is king and Harvest value content as much as the technical side of SEO, placing it at the heart of our SEO strategies. Social Media has a crucial part to play in online visibility and SEO. The key to the importance of social to SEO comes from the natural signals that social shares and interactions provides content and websites highlighting their value to search engines. Social signals (including links, keywords and interaction from social influencers) are something that Google has become to register as a signal for how timely, relevant and helpful the information that is being provided is. Through this Google identifies the site’s relevance and authority in a natural manner.

How we can help

Using a strategic process we will provide a bespoke plan integrating social media within your online marketing plans. We will develop relevant, targeted and measurable campaigns, provide consultancy on social trends and carefully monitor comments, reviews, ratings and recommendations on your brand, raising your social profile to ensure the power stays with you and that your site is future proof. Our complete range of services for social media and content:

Social Media

  • Social media audits
  • Strategy creation
  • Industry best practice
  • Social listening
  • Persona creation
  • Influencer management
  • Community management
  • Measurement and reporting
  • Benchmarking
  • Reputation management
  • Competitor analysis
  • Social media advertising
  • Training


  • Onsite copy reviews
  • Copywriting and creative assets
  • Editorial calendars
  • Content strategies
  • Campaign creations and support
  • Competitor analysis
  • Content amplification
  • Native advertising

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