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SEO News: Infographics as linkbait, Google returns to realtime search

Infographics: the new frontier of linkbaiting

Images transcend linguistic and cultural barriers faced by text. There is no need for machine or human translation. It is a pure exercise to interpret the message transmitted by the image and eventually memorize it for later use.

After all, visual communication it has been one of the first methods used by ancient population to pass information. Just have a though on hieroglyphics or cave paintings in ancient Egypt about 5,000 years ago.

At that time they were paintings, today they are called Infographics.

Time lapsed, and we move forward from chalk to computer graphic. However, the principle is the same.

Unique, original images can attract the audience. They are not only high quality content for an interested readership, but they can be useful promotional tools for anyone interested in gaining more attention.

For this reason infographics (IG) should be part of any online marketing agency offering that stays abreast of the latest and greatest trends, and they can certainly became part of the SEO offering too in order to support link building.

You can further read / watch about this topic by clicking here



Google try again with realtime search?

Earlier this year, Google acquired the patents of a real time search engine started in 2009 called Wowd. Wowd  works in a different way to the other search engines, and focuses on identifying new trends, news, and popular topics and pages on the Internet using a browser plugin… or at least this is what it is was used to do.

Infact, entering into Wowd web site, it is now possible to read the team decided to pursue new opportunities.

Google has been following where you browse and what links you click on as part of their search engine service in order to shape their result (personalized search). But with the Wowd approach it appears possible to look at those clicks to find new and popular pages on the Web.

It is difficult imagine in which way Google will use this piece of technology.

This could be an attempt for Google to restore the Realtime search shut down about a year ago (Does it really need again considering Google+?).

Or it could be even the case Google is trying to create its own application which they will provide to some panellist so to transmit anonymous navigation data for compiling stats and / or further contribute to the data aggregation provided by service like Google Trends.

I’m not entirely convinced about the latter case; in fact Google Toolbar and Chrome both automatically transmit this information to Google, which are topped up with other insight collected by Firefox.

As I don’t have any clue, I will dig around to discover as much as I can. So let’s stay tuned to see what will happen.

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